Building Operator - Level 3 Competency Validation

Introduction to Building Operations


The Introduction to Building Operator Competency program will help you become competent in the complex skills you require for effective building operation. The program employs module-based elearning, which means you can access the competencies you need without having to sit through training you already have. Because the course is an online module-based course, you get the training you need, when you need it, through an effective multimedia format. In addition, you decide when you want to sit down with the program and how quickly you want to move through it.


The program will also keep track of your progress, and anytime that a competency changes, you will be notified so that you can stay up-to-date in your skills! Your profile will be automatically updated after you work through the new material so that your skills and knowledge will stay current and relevant to your workplace.


The material in the program will be presented in video, audio and text to help maximize your understanding of it, and the self-quizzes will tell you how effectively you've learned the material. This gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learned in order to fully master each concept and be ready to write the Competency exam.

The full list of competencies is available here.

Certificate of Completion

BOMA will issue a Certificate of Completion to learners who have successfully completed the full course only. Learners may receive a Certificate of Competency through satisfying the conditions of the BOMA competency validation process. Please contact BOMA at (403) 237-0559 for details on competency validation.

Introduction Video


Course pricing is based on annual licensing. User may elect to take the full course comprised of 53 competencies or select only those competencies which you require. Course fee includes all learning materials.

Price for full course - $530 + GST

Price per competency - $10 + GST

Payment Method

  1. VISA, MasterCard and PayPal
  2. Payment by cheque or money order (Please add $25 administration fee + GST)*

*Access will be granted after your payment is verified.At that time you will be sent your unique User ID and Password. Please note this could mean a delay of up to three weeks. Payment by cheque should be sent to: eBridge Learning Solutions Inc. (P.O. Box 88, Station M, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2G9)

Once you have registered, learners may take the online course from any location where there is high speed internet access, from any computer at your convenience. Choose your own time and location, and learn at your own pace.


: Internet Explorer 7 & Windows Media Player 10 or higher.