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07-29-2019 @ 11:59 AM                          
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ViewMyPaycheck is an online portal that makes it easy for
Hopkins House employees to view their own paycheck
information, including pay stubs and W-2 tax forms, using your
smartphone, tablet, or computer, anytime and any place you have
an internet connection.

ViewMyPaycheck eliminates the need for you to contact the HR
Office to request copies of lost or damaged pay stubs or W-2 tax
forms. You need only sign in to your ViewMyPaycheck account
and see any current or prior pay stubs.

ViewMyPaycheck is free to use.  You are not required to sign up
for this service, but if you wish to, you may do so after you
receive your first paycheck from Hopkins House.  You will need
your social security number and net pay from your most recent
paycheck.  Click here:

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