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11-23-2017 @ 9:42 AM                          
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A year passed for Google to update its application to make
personalized travel itineraries in Spanish. It is available on iOS and

One year after its launch, the Google Trips application is available
in Spanish, both on Android and iOS , aimed at the Spanish-
speaking market, which will be able to adapt the suggestions and
itineraries of its trips in its own language, Sabrina Valls, Inhouse
Executive of Google Argentina through a statement.

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The application, which is like having a personalized tourist guide
at your fingertips , allows you to obtain adapted itineraries,
suggests activities based on nearby sites and allows you to
organize the reservations of flights and hotels from Gmail.

In addition, Google Trips can be available offline, so as not to
depend on the data connection or wifi during the trip. It also
contains the main categories of information, including scheduled
daily plans, reservations made, things to do, where to eat or drink
something and more, to have everything at your fingertips.

Google Trips in Spanish
Google Trips in Spanish
The application offers the main 200 cities in the world a variety of
daily plans based on the most popular itineraries, gathering the
most popular attractions and attractions to offer a detailed
excursion for the whole day.

Google has just expanded its services Destinations, Flights and
Google Trips as a whole to 20 new languages and 26 new markets

First, Destinations , the tool integrated into the main search
engine specialized in offering a rich and varied information on
different aspects of the different places of the same destination to
visit, pointing out aspects such as the main places of tourist
interest, different possible itineraries to be made , local climate,
among others, is now available in 14 new European and Asian
languages .

The list of new languages is made up of Bulgarian, Croatian,
Czech, Filipino, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Lithuanian,
Malay, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovenian. .

Second, Google Flights , the tool specialized in finding the best
flight options to compare and carry out the reservation in those
that best suit the interests of each, has just added support for 26
additional European countries , enabling users to search flights for
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Georgia,
Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania,
Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro , Romania, Serbia, Slovenia,
Slovakia and Ukraine.

In this sense, users can search for flights directly from the general
search engine or go to Google Flights directly to access the

And in third place, with Google Trips , the mobile planning tool
specialized in recommendations of activities and places of interest
to visit for the places you want to go, facilitating even the
possibility of making reservations, your mobile application for
Android and iOS now reaches six new languages globally : French,
German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese.

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