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07-10-2018 @ 7:13 AM                          
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Wordreference is my favourite dictionary for looking up simple
words, concepts, expressions, and some grammatical doubts. I
especially like its automatic suggestion as you type and its ability
to conjugate (regular and irregular) verbs in a search (e.g.
searching for quepa in Spanish will direct you to the verb caber,
to fit, as well as tell you what conjugation quepa is of this verb
and give a link to its full conjugation table). If the base dictionary
doesn't have the term you are looking for, unless it's really
obscure, it's likely that someone else will have asked about it in
the forums and there will be a link to that discussion for you to
read. You can of course ask the question yourself if you sign up
for a free account.

One advantage of this over some other simple dictionaries is that
it usually has several entries on a single word if it can be
translated in other ways, and would usually give at least a one
word synonym as well as possibly an example sentence to
suggest context. It can help for some technical terminology, but I
usually avoid this dictionary if the word is technical. This
dictionary is very good for Spanish, French and Italian (to/from
English) since these options have been on the site for several
years. It is less extensive, but is constantly improving for German,
Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Greek, Turkish,
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic.

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