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02-07-2018 @ 3:43 AM                          
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New service: Book flights with Google

The search engine group Google has now released its service
"Flies Search" in Germany. A fierce competition for Opodo and Co.
How Google skillfully plays its search expertise.

From Berlin to Los Angeles via London and New York - booking
flights on the Internet is not always easy. Especially if you are
looking for a particularly favorable offer or need to schedule
stopovers. Although search engines like Opodo, Expedia and
others offer comprehensive databases and a good price
comparison, they also bring with them a number of disadvantages.

Only after the search criteria have been set, the corresponding
programs begin to scour their databases. After a short wait, the
result is spit out. If this does not meet the requirements, the whole
process must be restarted from scratch. This costs time and
nerves. Is then finally a hit, he is often no longer bookable at the
specified price.

This problem has now the search engine giant Google adopted
and designed a new search mask under the name "Flight Search".
Travel planners from the US already benefit from the service in
2011. What the company has achieved here is impressive. Google
Germany boss Lars Lehne said months ago: "We have introduced
completely new filter features and worked on the speed."

The trick: Google pulls the information about the flights in real
time directly from the portal of the providers - from Lufthansa to
Emirates. "That's why we only show flights that are still really
priced at the given price," said Lehne. In addition, the real-time
search already works when setting the filter. No matter if the time,
the price range or the stopovers are changed, the results adapt

Mist over the Google data center in The Dalles, Oregon. He comes
from the cooling towers of the center. Image Source: Connie Zhou
/ Google Source: PressAbout the routers and switches in Google's
campus network space, data centers can communicate with each
other. The fiber optic cables run along the yellow cable trays on
the ceiling. Image Source: Connie Zhou / Google Source:
PressDrinnen Hightech, Outdoors Natural Idyll: Google's data
center in Council Bluffs (US-Iowa). Source: Connie Zhou / Google
Source: Press
With Google Flights Google has launched a topic that company
founder Larry Page particularly cares about. Only at the beginning
of the year he said to the magazine Fortune, that he wants to
reorganize with the Google search actually the entire travel
industry. "It would be great to have a system that will literally
decrease your overall vacation schedule. It would know what you
like best, it would know the weather, the prices of airline tickets
and hotels and all these things combine, "said Page. With Google
flights, the search engine takes the first step in this direction. A
"hotel search" will probably follow.

However, the new flight search is not the only topic in the
"Shopping" area where Google plans to change the German
market. When it comes to shopping on the net, the company has
to laugh. According to a survey by the IT association Bitkom,
around nine out of ten Internet users are now shopping online.
This corresponds to 70 percent of the German population over 14
years old. Among them, 39 percent of Internet users shop
regularly on the net. And their first point of contact was not
necessarily the popular search engine.

Above all, Amazon stands with the company of Larry Page and
Sergey Brin on equal terms. Over the last few years, Amazon has
become the first address in this field with books, CDs and even
electrical appliances with more sales traffic than Google. And
Amazon's annual revenue of 48.1 billion dollars, well ahead of
Google (37.9 billion) and far ahead of Facebook (3.7 billion).
As a result, the company has created a new source of income.
While the old product search has praised clothing, books,
electrical appliances and co-free, online retailers will have to pay
for this service in the future, if they are in the Google
listgoogle flight

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