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10-10-2017 @ 1:04 AM                          
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1. Whenever possible, look for a car from which you can get
reliable references. For example the car of a relative, that of a
friend or that of an acquaintance of them or yours.

2. Do not buy chollos. Do not even interest in cars that are well
below the average market price.

3. Do not deal with intermediaries of any kind, unless they are
clearly authorized by the owner.

4. Check that the seller is locatable on a Spanish phone, better if
you also have your fixed number.

5. Do not rush. Before formalizing the purchase, it perfectly
identifies the seller through his DNI, NIE or CIF if it is a company.
Check the documentation of the car by checking the license plate
on the Circulation Permit and the rack number or VIN in the
Vehicle Data Sheet.

6. Always ask for a car registration report in the DGT to verify: the
data of the documentation, the information provided by the seller,
and confirm that there is no problem to make the change of

7. If the owner is a company, check in the commercial register that
the person you deal with is properly authorized and has sufficient
power to sell the vehicle.

8. Ask the seller for all available information on car maintenance:
revision book, ITV reports, shop or spare parts invoices and check
the most relevant data and that there are no gaps in the mileage
notes. Speak, if you can, with the dealer, ITV, workshop or spare
parts store that corresponds.

9. Check the car for yourself first and do it again, accompanied by
a professional mechanic before closing the purchase. Follow this
advice even if the car is from a family member or friend. It could
happen that the mechanic detected some latent problem that is
going to manifest in the short term and that the owner does not
know it.

10. Check that there are no discrepancies between the information
provided by the seller on the maintenance of the car and the
inspection report made by the mechanic, especially between the
actual kilometers and those estimated by the mechanic.

11. Do not advance money, unless you have complete and verified
information of the seller and the car. In any case, if you deliver a
signal to the seller, you sign a formal contract of deposit.

12. Once the purchase is closed, make the change of ownership in
the DGT before 10 days.

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