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05-28-2018 @ 2:07 AM                          
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As the start of the school year approached, Forsyth officials
were hopeful but understandably apprehensive. Would this
new system work? Would teachers and students use it?

Weeks before school began, and before the district even
announced the model was ready, students started to log on to
the system to check it out. Word spread, and before he knew
it, Mitchell had 5,000 students on the system a full week
before school started. They were eager to share what they
liked and to help officials further refine the LMS.

Once school opened, 80 percent of teachers started using the
system within three months. "It's great for differentiation,
making assignments, and having students submit their work,"
says Brian DeRose, a marketing teacher at Lambert High

A student in DeRose's class says students can see how many
peers are logged on, even when accessing the system from
home. "At 1:30 last night, there were still over 100 people
logged on with me," the student said with amazement.

Four months in, Hobson says the district is watching how the
system is used. "We'll evaluate this by conducting formal
technology audits' of schools" to see if teaching and learning
is changing, she says. "What we want is to see students as
information producers instead of information consumers."
University of Georgia researchers will conduct surveys and
classroom observations to help quantify what changes are
taking place.
its learning forsythitslearning

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