The Growing Concern of Mould, Part II
Remediation and Your Property

This course can be taken as part of a series of courses on mould, environmental health and safety and indoor air quality issues (offered through BOMA and eBridge Learning Solutions), or it may be taken as a stand alone course. The information included in the course is relevant to property stakeholders such as owners, managers, financiers, insurers, and tenants.

Once finished Part II of the Growing Concern of Mould , Remediation and Your Property, participants should be able to evaluate if mould is a risk for a property; list the various control options for mould if it is found; explain remediation requirements and techniques; as well as identify the relevant regulations, guidelines, and standards applicable to mould remediation.

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Investigating & Evaluating Mould Growth
Module 3: Control Options for Mould Contamination
Module 4: Mould Remediation Requirements & Techniques
Module 5: Regulations, Guidelines & Standards
Module 6: Conclusion

Each module consists of a video lecture, interactive questions throughout the video, online case studies and downloadable workbooks. The case studies and the workbooks contain useful checklists that can help a property stakeholder manage and prevent mould and environmental health risks.

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